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    Almost all electronic cigarette brands on the market now produce smog by heating nebulizer. When the firearm electronic smoke is seen, although the technology of the heating atomizer is more mature, it is also constantly complaining about its shortcomings - easy to paste, need to change, hot mouth and other issues believe that most electronic smoke users have encountered. Is there a future for non heating electronic smoke ultrasonic nebulizer?
    The electronic smoke oil, many people also known as the electronic smoke liquid. In fact, from an academic point of view, it should be called electronic smog solution. Electronic cigarette oil is developed with the invention of electronic smoking set. It has liquid and solid components.
    For electronic cigarette players, the use of electronic cigarette equipment every day for tobacco use will be an essential part. The electronic cigarette device consisting of two main parts, the nebulizer and the main engine, appears to be simple, but it will inevitably lead to some erroneous operations in practice. These erroneous operations often lead to the shortened life of electronic cigarette devices and indirectly affect the use of electronic cigarettes.
    Many people who have been playing for a long time will try DIY oil, and I often see a lot of people in the field of DIY. Why is this problem? Why does it smoke so hard? When you ask this question, you should first judge whether your feeling is "throat feeling" or "larynx". In order to make it clear, we first look at the causes of larynx in different situations.
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